I was fortunate enough to be given tickets through British Rowing, to see the first morning of the Paralympic rowing.

It was fantastic, seeing people doing what I want to dedicate myself to. I just wished I could have been on the water myself.

There was some impressive racing, watching people give it their all, and pushing so hard to qualify.

The crowd were brilliant, so supportive and encouraging and cheering all of the rowers, not just the GB team. I was sat in the ‘friends and family’ stand, opposite the main grandstands, which was a bit of a shame because I didn’t get to be in with the crowd, but fantastic all the same. I’ve taken photos and videos to dissect for any hints and tips. Yes, I’m that sad!!

On Sunday, I went with a friend to see some athletics. It was brilliant, again seeing people give it their all, some surprising results, leading to the complaints made by Oscar Pistorius. Again the crowd was amazing, a packed stadium and so much noise.Seeing David Weir win, I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a roar; I’ve been to quieter gigs!!

We were much more integrated into the crowd this time, we were on first corner, straight between the Union Flag and Olympic one. Also quite near the cauldron, which is very impressive. I did wonder if we could use it for toasting marshmallows if we had very long sticks. My friend wasn’t convinced!!

I’ve also been trying to watch as much as possible on the TV, but sadly life keeps getting in the way.

Everything I’ve seen experienced has encouraged me to work harder and become more focussed.

This weekend the first adaptive training camp is being held. I’m hoping to learn lots from that, and improve my rowing.