I sit, waiting, counting down the days until I can return to training. I don’t think Thursday can come soon enough.

I’ve missed training so much, emotionally and physically. On the water is the only time I feel free, and ‘normal’. I am so content on the river, it feels completely natural to be there, like I belong there. It is fantastic to be out of my chair. Usually the only times I’m out of my chair are when I’m in bed or in the bath, so not many of my waking hours.

Physically I’ve missed the exercise, I’ve had nowhere to expend my energy, and I’ve found that I’ve done an awful lot of sleeping, which has been driving me insane and doesn’t make any sense. I find the more I sleep, the more I want to sleep, which is highly counterproductive. I need to retrain my body into living on normal/minimal amounts of sleep.

I’ve been a lot more stressed and irritable as well without training, nowhere to channel my anger, or let my frustration out. This has caused me to lash out verbally at people, and generally be grumpy. I wonder how I managed to cope when I wasn’t doing any sport for years. I guess I must have got used to it.

I’ve just been to have my splint re-moulded and it’s a lot more snug and supportive, I wonder how long it will be before I break it, I’m useless with them. I have been known to break them before I left clinic!!

Training won’t be as easy with my splint on, but that’s a small price to pay to get back to what I love.