Okay, maybe not quite, but I am back training, which I’m fantastically happy about.

I’m very unfit, but that is probably not helped, by the virus one of you out there gave me, which has triggered my asthma. I cough more than someone who smokes 80 a day, so am relying on regular nebulisers to help with that and doing much better.

The virus unfortunately delayed my return to training, but I decided to give it a go on Sunday morning. Given the situation, I’m reasonably pleased with how I did. My power is still there, but my stamina is pretty poor, it has always been the weaker of the two, so no surprise it has taken the biggest hit.

People keep trying to reassure me that it’ll come back in time, but not only am I lacking in time, I also need to be fitter than I was before, in the space of four weeks….. Miracles happen don’t they?!

Regarding my hand, it was a lot easier to use the erg than I expected. Can’t do a conventional grip, (unconventional suits me better!!) but splint doesn’t hurt or get in the way, which I’m relieved about.

I saw the OT about my hand today and I’m allowed to start mobilising my wrist again, three times a day. My thumb has still got wires through it, so nothing major to report there, other than I had a bit of scar massage and vibration massage on it. I did make the mistake of asking how long before I can use it normally again and was quoted as 8 weeks after wire removal, which is going to be frustrating, but it’ll be fine.

Back to hopefully double training tomorrow, with a sports massage sandwiched in between, second training session depends on timings, but hopefully I can work something about. First, however, I must sleep. I can hear my bed calling out for me!!