For various reasons I have a port-a-catch fitted, to recieve intravenous nutrition and medication. This weekend it has been a pain in the backside. On Friday night we struggled to access it, but succeeded, come Saturday it was refusing to work at all. Cue a trip to everyone’s favourite place, A&E. It’s busy at the best of time, but on a Saturday night it’s awful. When I was eventually seen, we had a bit of a discussion about the best thing to do with me. The doctors wanted to admit me, but I managed to convince them to let me go home with a cannula in my arm, and some glucose drips, to alternate with the saline I have at home. The doctors were happy with my plan, although I did get told off for worrying about their bed situation. One of my points was that I’d save them a bed, but was told in no uncertain terms that I shouldn’t be worrying about that!!
Next up we had to convince the nurses, who were a lot less happy about the plan, but I eventually won them around. I escaped at full speed before anyone changed their mind!!

Part of the reason I was so desperate to escape was that I was due to go on a tour of the disability sports and arts festival, with paralympian Harriet Lee, who was lovely and gave me some fantastic advice, on the Sunday which I didn’t want to miss. It wasn’t ideal weather, and I’d only had 3.5 hours sleep, so wasn’t quite on top form, but it was really interesting and I did grown up things like networking.

The rest of Sunday was spent making the most of my bendy wrist meaning I could connect and disconnect the cannula in my elbow, and sleeping.

I had only been allowed home if I promised that I would return to A&E at 9 am on Monday. I did as I was told, but the nurses were rather confused by my presence. After a bit of a wait, I was informed a doctor had contacted vascular access and they were expecting me. At vascular access, annoyingly they managed to access it just fine, and sent me away. Sunday night I managed therefore to get some TPN. Then last night the nurse went to access it, and it refused to work, so I went back to A&E, persuaded them again to just cannulate me, give me the appropriate fluids and go home. They weren’t quite so willing this time, but I was determined I wasn’t staying so I won the doctor over and his senior, the nurses were again not so keen. Lots of talk about how irregular it was, would I cope etc… My response to the last one was that I’d survived a weekend like it!! The sister was eventually won over and I escaped home for another night of very little sleep.

Which brings us to today. I’m sat in the waiting room of the vascular access unit, having already been told off/ lectured about accessing my port too often, but that was the whole point of having it so that it wouldn’t affect my training. Was kindly informed that I would get an infection soon, lovely….

Just been seen, and now waiting for an x-ray to see if it’s still in place properly.

You may wonder about the title, but I believe that I took control of the situation, I could have spent the weekend in hospital, but instead I worked with the medics to make a suitable arrangement.

Port is fine, hopefully the alcohol down it will make it behave properly. That’s the closest I’ve come to alcohol for at least a year!!

Am now sitting in another waiting room ready to have hand therapy. Hopefully things are progressing nicely, only another 5 weeks before my wires come out. Then rehab starts properly.

That means there’s less than 4 weeks until trials. My training is really not going to plan, but hopefully I can pull a miracle off. We shall see. I can only do my best given the circumstances.

This week I am working on being more conscious about my posture, I tend to slump in my chair, which I need to stop doing. I appear to have lost height due to this and generally just not being mobile.

Apologies for the length of this post, I’ve caused a lot of chaos these last few days!!