Usually I spend my birthday with friends, but this year I had a very quiet one. I’ve done daft things like eat food I know I shouldn’t, but there’s always tomorrow to start to learn to behave!!

I’ve been spoilt by my friends and family, and I am always touched, in fact surprised, that so many people put so much thought into getting me something they know I’ll love. I’m not a big one for emotions, thanks to my Aspegers, but it still makes me warm and fuzzy inside to know people are there for me, even if we go months without speaking.

Some of my friends I’ve never met in real life, but that doesn’t seem to make the friendship any less important to us. In fact it works well for me as I struggle with regular physical contact, so being able to just ignore a text or email for a while has contributed to me maintaining more friendships, than I ever did growing up.

Those who have plenty of RL friends don’t seem to appreciate the benefits of online friends, and seem to treat them with a bit of derision, but it has always been my online friends who notice that I’ve disappeared or have become withdrawn. I could go for weeks in my local community without anyone noticing, oh other than the pharmacy owner who rings if he hasn’t seen me for a few weeks, which I’m not entirely sure says that much about my presence in the local community!!

Unfortunately my health has been a bit of a battle, part of the reason I’m still up is that I’m waiting for my final nebulisers to finish, before I flop into bed. Last week it was weird spasms/ fits and collapsing, which are still a bit of a puzzle, but have stopped again now, so I think they were migraine related.

Consequently I’ve been an even more frustrated rower than usual. Managed to get to the gym today for the first time since I collapsed on Thursday, which has perked me up a bit, and I got a new hoodie from my brother and sister-in-law with

Eat, Sleep, Row

on it for my birthday, which pretty much sums up my life, well if you ignore all the medical stuff and my MSc!!

Well my drugs are all done now, so I’m going to wriggle down into the bed, for a well earned rest, before a week of medical appointments begin.