So I survived Christmas, I think!! It’s been strange as I’m used to having a big family celebration, but this year it was just my parents and I for Christmas dinner, although my brother and his fiancée came over in the morning, and we Skyped one of my aunt’s and the other one phoned. My family have that much faith in me, that the phoned had been taking bets as to whether I would be in hospital or not!!

I was very fortunate that my surgeon gave me the Okay to start doing my TPN again, otherwise I would have had to have somebody in to do it, which would have made Christmas and socialising a bit more complicated. So I was quite relieved about that. Much happier doing it myself, the less people accessing it the lower the risk of infection.

I was thoroughly spoilt, and got some new trainers. The ones I currently use I bought in 2004, and they haven’t been used that much, but I suspect the materials might start to degrade whether worn or not. The new ones are bright purple, with pink and lime green. So no one will mistake them and I might start remembering to pick them up after training!!

I’m heading back to Cambridge tomorrow with any luck. Hoping to head home fairly early and miss the worst of the traffic. I have plenty of presents to open at mine, so I have nice things to look forward to.

The other thing I’m looking forward to and is probably the most exciting thing is that I will be back to training on Saturday. Can’t wait for it, will see how unfit I am though, I dread to think :-/ I’m hoping to actually get back in a boat on Sunday, but not sure if we’ve shut down for Christmas break. I hope not.