I received the devastating news last week, that a dear friend of mine, had finally lost her battle with cancer.

It was a chance meeting that brought us together, we met in hospital, she was waiting to have major surgery, I was in because I’d dislodged another feeding tube. Doesn’t sound like the most obvious grounds for a friendship, but we were the only two young people in the bay, and happened to be in beds opposite each other.

I was immediately taken by her kindness and attitude to life. She was concerned about how she’d changed physically, but I had only known her as she was there at that time, and she looked beautiful to me. There was a spark to her when we met, that is impossible to explain, but made me want to stay in contact with her.

I remember passing her downstairs in the concourse one day, I think I’d been discharged at that point, and I went over to say hi, to which I got told to pick some numbers for the Euro millions (don’t think we won sadly!!) and she scribbled her number on the back of a lottery slip.

Knowing how overwhelming hospital can be in any circumstances, I made sure I text her regularly. I hope she found these messages beneficial. I think she found me to be someone to rant to when hospital politics were causing problems, or treatments weren’t going to plan. I know from another friend of hers that she was grateful that I stayed in touch when many of her old friends didn’t.

She quickly and easily fitted into my life, and it has always felt like I have known her for much longer than I actually have.

I remember her telling me excitedly about Fynn, he sounded just like her match. The same ethos and attitude. When I first met him, I could see why Vicky was so in love, and as cliched as it may be, I knew he was the perfect man for her. She had been concerned that she’d never find anyone because of her situation, so I was absolutely delighted when she announced they were to marry.

Her wedding was such a special day, although I know it was eventful in preparation. I got a text one day announcing that she couldn’t find any shoes so was going barefoot, which just seemed so Vicky, it always makes me smile. This eventually led to Fynn and his best man going barefoot, which seemed to confuse a lot of the guests, and had others in tears before it had even started!!
Watching her beam with happiness as she exited the church, is an image that will always stay with me. Another special memory is at the reception, when ‘Stand by me’ came on and everyone surrounded the happy couple and blasted the song out.

Vicky has always been there for me. From finding people for me to contact to try and keep me out of a nursing home (that’s a story for another day), to sending me postcards she had drawn with messages on whilst we were both in hospital, but at opposite ends of a huge building. It confused the nursing staff greatly when they were delivering internal post to me at 6 am, and random members of staff being asked to deliver them to me. I don’t think she knows how much they brightened my day and helped distract me.

Vicky will leave a hole in many peoples hearts and minds, even those who didn’t know her directly, but had followed her blogpoppies and epiphanies or had come across her story in the media. She wanted to make sure before she passed that the business she and Fynn ran, was in a strong position and she could leave a legacy. She has certainly done that. Please take a minute to look at their site Imagine It and help make sure her legacy reaches its full potential.

I can’t imagine what her husband and family are going through right now, but there are so many happy memories she created, that I hope they can be remembered at this dark time.

Vicky you will be missed, but your spirit will forever be strong, and in my heart and mind.