This week has been heavily medically based, in fact I’m being taken to hospital as I write this.
I have seen 2 consultants (different fields), an orthotist, who took casts of my feet, on my way to see a nurse specialist, spoken to two other specialist nurses, and spoken to my GP at least once, oh and been to the pharmacy a fair few times as well.

This has left me with things to ponder, and take in. A big part is dependent on what happens at GB trials next month, as I need more surgery, but I don’t want to make a decision until I know what my future plans are.

In terms of trials, preparation is going okay. Last Sunday I took 23 seconds off of my 2k PB, and now need to lose at least 9 more, but I think and hope that it’s possible. I know a couple of my weaknesses so hopefully I can lose seconds by working on them. Primarily I need to focus on planning my race better, I’m in the habit of setting off too hard and leaving nothing for the end. At least that should be something fairly easy to change.

I’m hoping to get back on the water on Sunday. Haven’t been for a few weeks as we were flooded, the irony of rowing being cancelled because of water isn’t lost on any one!! We are struggling a bit with Sunday rowing due to lack of coaches available which is unfortunate and a shame. I really hope we can get some otherwise it will be cancelled again. So if anyone knows of a rowing coach with some spare hours please let me know!!

I accidentally fell asleep on the journey here, but to be fair, I need to catch up with my sleep wherever possible. The transport guys got me here very early, but that worked out well as I popped in to see a fabulous friend who is currently an inpatient here, and going home this afternoon, so perfect timing.

I think all these appointments plus training have taken their toll, as I spent yesterday and the day before looking a fetching shade of purple, autonomic purple as I like to call it. I think I shall trademark it and get it put on paint charts!! Combined with a migraine attack, yesterday was a bit dubious, I must have looked rough as the GPs receptionist asked if I was okay!!

Feeling much better today, after extra fluids and drugs last night, so much shinier today. I think some of it might be caused by the fact my TPN pump is under infusing, by considerable amounts, 800 mls last night, out of a bag of 3500 mls.

Sorry life got in the way, but I’m back to finish off.
Unfortunately I didn’t get on the water on Sunday so had to make do with an erg and a swim.

Today was spent sorting out an emergency, in that my gastrostomy fell out on Sunday night, which caused a bit of chaos, I had the community nurse telling me we couldn’t put a catheter in the stoma to stop it healing over, but we had no other option as there was no body trained in replacing it. We went ahead with local protocol and put the catheter in, and I managed to get the lovely hospital enteral nurse to fix it, before I went to another appointment. I then rushed off to a
meeting, which looks like it could have very exciting potential, but I shall save that for another day.

Time for meds and a rest I think.