I love race days, the chance to see if all the work I’ve been putting in has paid off, plus there’s the adrenaline rush. Race days also scare the beejeezes out of me, I’m inherently competitive, so the prospect of not winning, is unpleasant, albeit not as much as the prospect of not doing myself justice. I can live without winning, but trying to console ones self about not winning when you know you could have done better is immensely difficult.

My biggest opponent will always be myself. I learnt that a long time ago, I’ve always been self critical, but I need to learn to be realistic as well. I need to try to remember that this is a learning curve, and there’s no point beating myself up about things that went wrong. I was taught that the only mistakes we make are when we don’t learn from an experience.

This is my first race after my surgery, so it’ll be fantastic to get to do some high speed work done again, just not sure how fit I actually am. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m more nervous as well than usual, as I’m trying out a new piece of kit. Generally trying out a new bit of kit for the first time on race day is a *bad* idea, but I’m not sure I’d actually complete the race without it, so wish me luck!!

I shall spend my evening relaxing, getting mentally prepared, and resting lots. I’ll hopefully update tomorrow.