Tomorrow I am going to do an assessment of my current fitness, aka an ergo test. There are a number of reasons why, mostly that I need to see where I am compared to a few months ago, fingers crossed I’m making progress. I also need to see what fitness I lose over next week, as I’m being admitted to a London hospital for some long awaited tests.

I’m not keen on going, but I know I need a way forward. It’s just difficult to plan around as they said it could be up to a week, but others I know were only in for a few days. It is probably about the best timing it could be in terms of training and racing, as Marlow Regatta is still a few weeks off.

I’m going to sneak some training kit, like weights in, and might see what other amenities are around. There will be plenty of wheeling around, especially as I now have my beautiful new chair, which I can push more easily.

I hope to make a start on some bits of craft projects I’ve got to do, and maybe actually take the time off to rest and recharge, although not sure how well that will work as the tests can be quite gruelling apparently.

I was only phoned on Wednesday afternoon about it, so I’ve been busily making phone calls to get all my TPN deliveries sorted out. When I spoke to a nurse on the ward about it, the response I got was “oh my God, oh my God, don’t know if we have anywhere to store it”. Not the most reassuring start to a conversation. She did, however, investigate for me, and I think hope it’s all sorted.

Right sleep and hopefully feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow.