This time last year I had just got home from hospital, on a life changing, and life limiting treatment. Today, I attended a meeting of people from the lovely charity PINNT. I hadn’t seen most of the people for at least a year. At the meeting a year ago, I was in hospital, just starting on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). I escaped the ward and I went down in my PJs to see everyone. Many comments were about how unwell I looked, and how much weight I’d lost. This year, completely different, everyone was saying how well I looked, which was fantastic to hear, it’s been a long time since I’ve had that said about me.

I have been fantastically lucky, and I am hugging some wood, and crossing absolutely everything I can as I say this, but TPN, has not only saved my life, not just in the basic, “I have nutrition, now I won’t die of malnutrition” sort of thing, but it has also given me a life. Prior to being on TPN I had a fairly limited life, I needed a lot of rest, basic tasks were impossible, and I was vegetating and not really doing much else. Not only does that take a physical battering to your body, but also an emotional one, a willing brain trapped inside a failing body is not a good combination long term. Now, a year on, I’m a different person, I was on the phone to a friend last week, who commented that I seemed to have a sparkle back in my voice. As much as I tried to deny it, these last 7 years have been trying at the best, and at the worst insurmountable. I don’t like to dwell on these things, life is too short, and it really doesn’t get you anywhere, but seeing where I am now, has made me realise actually how unwell I was at various points. This just makes me even more grateful for the life I’m living now. I understand how delicate life can be, so I’m going to make the most of what I’ve got.

I try to go to as many PINNT meetings as possible, because I believe they are a fantastic charity, but more so that the meetings aren’t illness, feeding focussed. There’s none of the “woe is me” that I’ve come across with so many other charities. We share knowledge and resources, and as the saying goes “knowledge is power”, in this case not in the evil dictator “I’m going to take over the world mwahahah” style, (although I am working on world domination!!) but we all have different areas of expertise and sharing even a small point can make a huge change to someone else’s situation.
They have also been there for me whenever I’ve had questions, from deciding whether a port-a-cath or Hickman line would be better, to how to treat a stubborn Jejunal infection, anything nutrition related really. As well as popping their heads in electronically from time to time just to check whether things are going okay.
There’s also the infamous quiz we have at meetings, which usually provide plenty of entertainment, not always intentionally(!!), seeing the look on people’s faces trying to remember all the reindeer before Rudolph showed his big shiny nose off, was quite amusing. For what it’s worth It’s about as frustrating as trying to name all 7 dwarves, which I am proud to announce, I have managed to do, whilst sat in a large rowing boat, in the middle of a lake, clearly the most obvious place to be asked to do that!!

Anyway I digress, PINNT are fantastic, and do so much for all members, especially given the size of the charity. Hopefully when I’m more settled in terms of finishing my degree, I can be involved in some way. Whether they’ll have me is a different matter!!
So much can happen in a year, I never expected this change of life, but definitely the best decision made about my health for many years. Edging my way closer to giving up, this year has been difficult in many ways, but also amazing, I’m so glad I never gave up.